HVAC simply put means, heating, ventilation & air conditioning. Most homes these days will generally have some form of HVAC system, whether you have an older home which still has a window box system, an evaporative ducted system, gas wall furnace through to the more commonly found systems now being a reverse cycle wall split or ducted system. Some systems are only designed to heat or cool, whereas reverse cycle systems are designed to offer heating & cooling when needed.


Most new homes are heated and cooled through a central Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning system (HVAC), these are generally written up in the design of the home & are installed during the build, however, sometimes they are left out of the plans.

If you do not have HVAC installed & find down the track you wish to have a system added the most common systems are wall splits due to the nature of cost & ease, but this doesn’t rule out ducted options for you either. This is where turning to an experienced & qualified business can help, they will look at what you need, size of the room, the number of people in the household etc & find the right system to fulfil your needs. Many systems these days can even be controlled while you are away from the home.

Some proven benefits in investing in a good quality new HVAC system are;

  • Reduced Possibility of Asthma Attacks
  • Cool Place to Exercise
  • Less Insects and Parasites
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduces the Risk of Dehydration
  • Improves skin & hair
  • Reduces odours
  • Eliminates viruses

Whether a new home is being built or an upgrade on your HVAC is needed, maximising efficiency, value, and speed of installation is critical.

We work with engineering consultants, mechanical contractors, and air conditioning installation specialists to assess what your needs are and more than provide you with the exact solutions for you

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Industrial Air has a range of products and equipment in our portfolio to enable us to tailor efficient, sustainable and costs effective solutions to meet every requirement.

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From our supply chain to warehouse and distribution of the highest quality products, our network of manufacturers around the world, our in-house engineering and service team, to our vast relationships with air conditioning & refrigeration technicians, mechanical contractors, and engineering consultants, you can rest assured that we have the resources to ensure your individual requirements can be met.

Whether you are needing;

  • Individual or multiple room temperature control
  • Whole-home or apartment solutions
  • Energy efficient alternatives
  • Smart HVAC controls and monitoring
  • Air purification
  • Fresh air heat recovery and ventilation

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Original Safe T Air – Install yourself or get it fitted as part of general maintenance or service.

It is not just coughs and colds. University tests show Original Safe T air inhibits the 20 most common bacteria, yeasts, and moulds that circulate through air conditioning systems. These bugs can cause flu-like symptoms, pneumonia, food poisoning, skin rashes, bleeding noses, conjunctivitis, scaled skin infections, golden staph, ear infections, and more……

  • Made, and used, in Australia since 2000.
  • Proven to be completely safe and effective.
  • 100% Natural active ingredients, including Australian Tea Tree oil
  • Deodorizes organically derived smells such as urine, cooking, beer, & tobacco.
  • Eliminates moulds, and mustiness under houses, in buildings, marine craft, and wardrobes.
  • Reduces coughs and infections spread by ducted heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Ideal filter bed and coil sanitizer (HVAC systems).
  • NOT a perfume that masks odour. It kills odour causing bacteria and mould, eliminating the problem at the source.
  • Our NEW more stable formula has a vastly extended shelf life.
  • Improved packaging with adjustable vents on the cream pack lids allows users to control the evaporation rate.
  • The spray version is available for hand sprayers and fogging machines.
  • Can be used in ANY enclosed building, room, or marine vessel.

Pool Heating for therapy

Getting into a pool for therapeutic needs if the water temperature is too low to be comfortable is no good for anyone. What you need is a way to keep the pool water at the right temperature any time of the day, and the right pool heating can do that for you.

Therapy in water that is just the right temperature is essential, and there is a wide range of pool heating options that ensure you will always be able to get in warm, and relaxing water. Electric heat pumps rely on reverse cycle technology to heat the water, During summer the heat pump does not run much as the sun helps heat the water. During winter any heat energy that is in the air helps the heat pump maintains the water temperature. The right pool water with keeping the water warm so you can use it any time.

There are many ways you can heat your pool & using a Heat pump is just one of those methods, it extracts the heat from the air to keep the pool water at a constant temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, the variable compressor doesn’t need to work as hard and ends up saving you money on running costs.

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